Domo Kun Night Lamp Will Amaze Children

On first glance some funny characters will make you laugh, no doubt Domo Kun the famous funny character from a TV station in Japan is one of them. Inspired by this famed mascot, Motadacruz showed his craftsmanship when he got an idea to build a Domo Kun night lamp very especially for children, so that they can see their famous character around and get a good sound sleep after gazing it for a while. The character looks very simple and cute with a square face, yawning with its teeth hanging around illustrating he wants to eat something!

It looks awesome during night with a red light coming out of its mouth. This character has been made by using ordinary stuff usually lying around. In the project site, all the steps involved in preparing the Domo Kun Night Lamp have been explained in simple language, so that children around can prepare it with ease. This amazing night lamp could be an ideal gift to your colleagues on special occasions. Children can easily prepare this craft by following a series of pictures of the funny character mentioned at the website.

In the first step tools and materials required for the character like cardboard, whitepaper, LED, electric wires etc., have been explained. In the second step, method of drawing and cutting has been clarified. The third step explains the details on Domo Kun like its cutting procedure etc., and in the fourth step use of LED has been explained. The fifth step explains the finishing touch to the lamp.  More such craft like the R2D2 Cake needs special mention or perhaps the Christmas Lightbox DIY.

Via: instructables