Apple’s Black Hole Concept: A Touch Beyond the Screen

Are you one of those futuristic beings who thinks touch screens are passe?  Then let me present you with a concept designed by French designer Josselin Zaïgouche, made for Apple, who are hoping to launch it by 2020. It’s aptly called Black Hole, and it incorporates holographic and levity techniques to control its functions, applications and usage.  Still thinking about touch screens? I bet not.

The complete product is designed to consist of three parts – a charging base, a prism which fixes the device to the palm, and finally a shiny black ball, which levitates mid air once the device is activated. This ball, then projects out holographic images of applications, which can be controlled using the other hand. Neat, isn’t it? To add more variety to the usage of  the Black Hole, it is designed in such a way that once it’s connected to the charging base, it can be used as a desktop device – opening up a plethora of possibilities, especially in confined spaces. It’s like a crystal ball, without the big fat crystal, and it’ll just fit in the palm of your hand.

Now if only some genius would come up with a time machine, so that I could travel to 2020 – I’m honest enough to accept that I’m impatient. Now if you’re interested in more unique smart phones, you can also check out the ASUS Waveface Ultra Bracelet phone, which was recently talked about.