Lord of Total Information Awareness is a Collector’s Delight

If sculptures interest you, then the Lord of Total Information Awareness (with Constitutional Reliquary) is a true collector’s delight.

Created by Jud Turner who specializes in creating wonders with welded steel and available objects, this sculpture is another one in the series of sculptures that are created to give tribute to religions that does not exist anymore. The beauty of the work created by this sculptor is that he takes unique concepts from around the world and gives it a new life in the form of his sculpture.

This latest sculpture is a true reflection of the basic concept and functioning of the Information Awareness office, which was created by the Department of Homeland Security and which believed in using information technology as a means to counter threats against national security. The intricate design created by Jud Turner clearly portrays the meaning of espionage as it was during the short reign of this office.

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