Lt Aldo Raine Collectible Figure is Ingloriously Original

“As you sow, so you reap” has been a famous and quite a true saying because after writing the script of the killer movie, Inglorious Bastards for 10 years and finally releasing it as a remake called Inglorious Basterds on 2009. The movie became a super hit while grossing over $319 million. Its lead character, brad Pitt who played the role of Lt. Aldo Raine was the best one you could have had seen and was the main attraction of the movie. Its role became such a big hit that Hot toys have decided to launch a “1/6th scale Lt. Aldo Raine Collectible Figure”. You won’t be able to differentiate between the real one and this figure.

The best aspects about this figure is that it has been made with special features like exquisitely sculpted head and movie accurate facial expressions of brad Pitt while detailing it with proper wrinkles and skin texture which has been specially hand painted by expert artist. Its also has a real like hair style, beard and facial hair which is an exact replica of the real character.

Being approximately 30cm tall, it has a true type body with 34 articulation points. It even comes with three pairs of interchangeable palms which contain one pair of relaxed palm, one pair for holding blade and the third pair for holding guns like rifle, machine gun and pistol with large and small blades which are included.

His costume also resembles brad Pitt in the movie as it consists of a jacket with worn-out edges with sweater, scarf, trousers, hat, leather belt with a gun holster and blade pouch while wearing long boots and bag with a water bottle.

So over all, by bringing this home, you are bringing the biggest inglorious bastard to your home so go ahead because no one can resist it.

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