The Unofficial Apple iBook G4 Clock Mod

Any Apple fan would certainly love to hang an apple clock (maybe, iClock) in his/her room, if the Company had one in the market. Looks like an avid fan of Apple got a cure for any such worries and has come out with what I call an unofficial Apple iBook G4 clock mod.

The clock is made from a recycled case of Apple 14″ iBook 4G, and has got the clock right on the Apple’s logo. See for yourself in the above pic. Quite an innovation that the fans would really love, No?

But the clock (made with such creativity) will be really incomplete without a pendulum and what could serve as better choice than the mouse itself. So it is there and will keep rotating to and fro all day and night. Hope your kitten does not mess up with it in case you are planning to purchase one.

Lets discuss the length and height (width is really not a matter of concern here, right). The clock measures 14″ wide (quite obvious for the size of case used) and will 18″ tall. Plus, it features Quartz machinery with respect to clock movement, pendulum movement and runs on 2 AA batteries.

The clock is available only in white color as of now. In case you are not okay with white, maybe you should try contacting the manufacturer who can customize and make one with the color of your choice. Provided a recycled iBook case of that color is available or made available to him. Better stick to white, the color of peace.

Fans who find it worthy can purchase it for just $75 from PixelThis. Get one either for yourself or make it a valentine gift to anybody who loves Apple Inc (and you, of course).

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Via Geeky Gadgets