Top 18 Coolest and Craziest Pool Tables Mods

If you are into playing Pool or Billiard, you would know how important the design of a Pool Table is. In fact, most of the Billiard tables are standardized, and it is almost difficult to find something that is out of the ordinary. However, there are so many strange and highly creative people on the web which make it fairly simple to find avant-garde Snooker tables that alternate between being crazy and bizarre at the same time. The best part is that they are still playable and would make any Billiards fan excited at the design.

While most of the modern Pool Tables are made of a flat surface that consists of quarried slate covered by cushion or cloth, there are several other tables that are individually customized and modded. And we hope this collection proves the creativity of such fans.

Pool tables are no more boring and ordinary, but you could find several cool tables that are completely astonishing. Here is an amazing list of 18 Cool Pool Table mods that are completely outlandish and totally out of this world. These Snooker tables could inspire you to turn your house into a billiards fan’s paradise, or you could turn it into a snooker player’s alternative dungeon! Take a look at this list, and you would realize how versatile the Pool table really is.

Chic Pool Tables

Pool or Billiard has always been the preserve of the rich and the privileged and thus it has always had the image of aristocracy. While today it might be possible to play Pool anywhere from bars to clubs to friend’s home, it wasn’t so earlier, and these chic Pool tables only make it clearer that these have something really aristocratic about them.

The Glass Top Pool Table is something that every company must have in its leisure room, for it offers a modern design that is chic, impressive and out of the ordinary.

Pool Table Obscura is certainly one of the most expensive pool tables at $200,000 but with motion sensor technology and flame trails ad water ripple effect, you could not ask for more!

If you like watching movies and playing pool, this Executive Pool Table by Heiron Smith could just be the answer! It comes with a DVD player, PS2 and many other inbuilt cool gadgets. Of course, there is space for some beer as well!

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Cool Pool Table Mods

Fast cars, smooth ballgame tricks and an interest in expensive scotch is what makes men feel and seem aristocratic.

This cool Ford Mustang Pool Table brings back the days of 1960s and could make a perfect combo for Classic car lovers and Pool players.

Talking about cars, this Car Pool Table is real and has been made from real car parts, making it impressive by looks and also creativity.

If you like things bigger and better than cars, you should try the Volkswagen Bus Billiards Table, which is remarkably authentic.

If you are not much of an automobile fan, you could laze around in the Sofa Pool Table transforming furniture.

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Innovative Pool Tables

If you are a traditional sort of guy, you may not like these innovative pool tables. However, the adventurous and those with a sense of humor will certainly appreciate the irony behind these following Pool tables.

The Three Level Pool Table may have been designed for a family of 3? For a gigantic father, a dwarfish mother, and a tiny toddler? A wild imagination!

If you are interested in further customizations, you could contact JM Billiard Co. You could even get aquariums in your Pool table!

This funny looking Pool table is really innovative as it does not come with 4 sides, but 6 sides!

This certainly has to be the most innovative of them all. A literal Pool table that comes with a mini swimming pool!

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4 in 1 Rotating Game Table

Though not exactly a normal Pool table, but the 4-in-1 Rotating Game Table allows you to play outdoor games indoors. You could play hockey, billiards, mini foosball and dice football on a single table.

Out of this World Pool Tables

This Custom Pool Table can be conveniently hidden in the floor, and if you don’t like your guests, you can make the pool table “disappear” within no time!

If jewelery, gold and diamond are the stuff that turn you on, why not get these ornate Luxury Billiard Tables by Vincent Facquet? I am sure even the royalty would find this line of pool tables totally outlandish.

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Crazy Pool Tables

This one here is shaped in such a bizarre manner, that you might have to change the rules of the game!

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Ice Pool Tables

There is nothing better than a chilling game of pool on a hot day. What if we took these words literally? That is what these guys must have done! Richard Barlund’s Ice Pool Table looks really sturdy.

The Pool Table Ice Sculpture is equally cool too, and you could see the men at work!

This Skype Pool Table is interestingly carved out of ice! You may need to wear heavy gloves to play on any of these tables, for otherwise you would certainly get frostbites!

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In case you cannot afford any of these cool and outlandish Pool tables, you could crib about the lack of “coolness” to the guys at your club, and ask them to custom order one of these Billiard tables. I am sure, playing a game of billiards will be much fun with one of the rare tables!