Google Buzz May Revolutionize Gmail and Social Media

google buzz

Social media is growing unprecedentedly, and there does not seem to be anything that might stop the growth. Google has always known the power of social networking and social media, and has constantly worked on Gmail in order to harness the usefulness of social media. There was a time when email clients were meant to just send and receive emails, or perhaps receive and send attachments. Gmail changed that and integrated YouTube, Chat and Video Chat.

Today, communication is much more than just sending emails and chatting or watching the occasional YouTube video. Thus, Google has unleashed its new Google Buzz, which is being touted as a new method to start conversations and share updates, photos, videos and more. In a few days, most Gmail users would see “Google Buzz” under the Inbox in Gmail interface.

Since Buzz is built right into Gmail, one does not have to download or install anything, and all the people that you chat with often would be integrated into Google Buzz. Buzz allows you to view pictures in full resolution and videos can be watched in the same window, instead of having to open a new one.

While you always have the freedom to follow people you want to, Buzz also recommends stuff that might interest you based upon your interests and tastes. It also allows you to click on “not interested” if something bugs you a lot.

Interestingly, Buzz is also available on your mobile phone, and it helps you stay in touch with friends and people who you may not know all that well as well. In my opinion, Google is trying to bring in social networking aspects that are seen in Facebook and Twitter. For instance, we have the option to “like” or “remove” in Facebook, when it comes to recommendations. Also, in Twitter we get to see what the world is thinking, doing and experiencing.

Google seems to be trying to integrate these facilities right in your Gmail, which certainly isn’t a bad idea. A better criticism could be given when one actually uses the Google Buzz. For now, we shall have to wait till Buzz appears in our Gmail. Thanks to its privacy features which allow us to share information publicly or privately, Google Buzz scores better when compared to Facebook, which has removed many privacy features.

One could also import stuff from Twitter, Picasa, Flickr, and Google Reader. Google has been unleashing many interesting services like the Google Voice and Google URL Shortner Service, which have been quite popular. Google Social Search and Google Music Service are quite interesting as well! You could try and experience Google Buzz the moment it is available!