Fingerprint Padlock’s Key Design Lies In Your Fingers

Dating back to 2000 BC when they were first created, padlocks have been a very important thing in our lives as it secures something very private and very personal from outsiders. It’s that security of our personal things which gives us a peace of mind although many a times, the peace gets lost when we find some thief to break in and take away something. Keeping that in mind, Mintpass has made one padlock Anti Theft Gadget which no thief would be able to break in. Here is the “Mint Fingerprint padlock” whose key lies in our fingers.

Not only that it looks elegantly killer but even it’s working is highly appreciable. It works by pressing the “READ” button and then rubbing your index finger through the “Fingerprint Recognition screen”. After it identifies your fingerprint, the LED display on the upper part of the padlock glows green displaying that the lock is open.

If you want someone else to use the lock, then just press the “ADD” button and ask them to run their fingers through the screen. This saves you from making multiple Padlock Keys and from losing your marbles when the keys get lost.

In Korea, one of the biggest tourist attractions is N-Seoul Tower where there is a fence filled with padlocks. The padlocks there are a symbol of love as a couple would come there, write a message on the padlock and throw the keys over the fence after locking it showing their eternal love for each other. But in practical life, there is hardly a couple which last whole lives especially when they are not married.

This lock comes in handy as when you break up, you can just run your finger through the screen and take out your lock from the fence and keep it for someone else.

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