41 Puzzle Mint Calendar Design Boosts Brain Power

The very new and very innovative yet familiar concept of the Mintpass Calendar can be used to boost your memory. The Mint Calendar comprising of 41 puzzles lets the users play in an exceptional way for a prolonged duration as you will not feel the need to throw this Calendar every year while welcoming the fresh year as it can be used for indicating any day, any month and any year. You must have remembered playing those sliding puzzle games with your siblings and must have had some really tough annoying and nail-biting times in finally reaching the goal. Some of you might have even managed to buy the Nintendo Rubik’s Cube. Puzzles, from a long time, have been the favorite game of all and any age group. Whether it is a kid or an adult, everyone likes being busy with a puzzle in hands but the only difference between the types of the puzzles is that the kids’ puzzles have numbers and animated characters in it while the adult ones are with hot and sensational ladies in the form of the puzzle pieces!

This concept of 41 Puzzle Calendar definitely is mind-blowing as the same old sliding puzzle idea is used in it yet it looks as very fresh and appealing as a calendar. Another praiseworthy fact about this calendar is that it comes in a multipurpose design and style. If you want then you can stick it to any metal surface like your refrigerator, your steel wardrobe or to any metal-made wall hanging. The back of this calendar has been affixed with a piece of permanent magnet which gets easily stuck to metals. In fact, if not sticking to metal surfaces, you can make this calendar stand on your study table or on the center table of your living room too. For that you can find a steel stand that is designed to be fixed quite well to the magnet by one side and then rest on a table by the other side.

The other striking thing of this 41 puzzle calendar is that it has got 10 extra puzzle pieces that can be used for marking and reminding yourself of a certain important date. These puzzle pieces comprises of the ones with a gift sign, a flight, a thumps up, a sign of danger, a bomb, a star, a heart and a right tick mark. You can use the heart symbol puzzle piece for remembering your love or marriage anniversary or can also mark to mean a date with your girlfriend. Similarly, the one with gift sign will remind you of your best friend’s or your husband’s birthday.

Also, there will be no head-banging moments for you whenever you fail in matching the dates of the calendar. Right at the top left side of the calendar you can find a ‘help’ tab by pulling which out you can get all puzzle pieces out and re-assemble them. I would just say it is “A nifty device with awesome looks!” If you like strange things, you may also have a look at this Bubble Warp Calendar.