Lilypad City Design is the City Of Future

The increase in the temperature of the earth’s surface is slowly and steadily leading to the destruction of the man kind and a major catastrophe for all living creatures. One of its main effects is that ice caps are melting and leading to the increase in the water level and it’s said that if this continues then within 2100, not less then 250 million populace will be affected and many places even might submerge under water. Keeping this in mind, Vincent Callebaut has designed this “Lilypad” an excellent way of meeting this fate of ours.

This Lilypad the auto-sufficient amphibious city which is a prototype created by Vincent’s sharp mind. He had made this half aquatic and half terrestrial city in such a manner that it will travel on the water line of ocean, from equator to poles while at the same time following the marine streams warm which are ascending to the Gulf Stream or cold descending of the Labrador.

Making it able enough to accommodate 50000 inhabitants and made in such a way that it will ensure the development of flora and fauna by inviting the biodiversity around a central lagoon of soft water which purifies and collects rain water.

All the multifunctional programs are based on three marinas and three mountains which have been respectively divided in different sections of work, shops and entertainments.

Being covered by a stratum of planted housing and suspended gardens and streets which are connected by a cross network and alleyways and organic outline are also there.

The main motto behind making this is to create a pleasant environment, a harmonious society which would help to sustain and maintain a friendly human nature bond. To Go into depth of this project you are requested to visit the site.

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Via:  Vincent Project Site