New Twitter Feature called Hovercards Launched by Twitter

Shrtr is smrtr (Shorter is Smarter), and it is the only principle that Twitter seems to be following since its very inception, but the world as we know, is never short of expectations and same is the case with Twitter, the real micro blogging website. Recognizing the growing needs of the users and upfront competition with the likes of Facebook, it launched a new feature called Hovercards.

The new baby will allow you to get more information on less clicks, thereby reducing the strain on your fingers. Lets discuss it.

No matter who you are, it is always interesting  to exploring new profiles, finding out who is following you and host of other things that are part of twittering. One surely cannot miss on that and that involves many many clicks. The new update looks to settle the dust over this repetitive and irritating part of surfing by introducing the hover feature, which will provide you details of the user, once you hover over at his/her username, and more.

Hovercards, as the name suggests are cards that pop up once you hover over a username, giving you details on the location of the user, his/her profile information and (mainly) whether the user is following you or not. You can also have a communication with the user without going off the page by sending a direct message. Cool! what do you think?

Hovercards are also useful when finding out about retweeted people and in case you wanna follow anyone, one click is all you need. All this at the same page, which is really great considering what the situation was earlier when we had to hover over different user profiles/pages to get information and deciding on the follow/unfollow part. Now, we stand where we are, and hovering a mouse does a job. Surely, twitter has put its best foot forward.

If you don’t find the feature at your disposal, no need to worry because the update is being launched in phases and everyone is gonna get it, eventually. Luck surely plays its role in who gets it first (my guess: heavy users).

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Via ShoutMeLoud