Mouth Man Hoodies Unleash Your Inner Monster

dinosaur man hoodie shirt

A large aspect of what makes us the nerds we are, is the clothes we wear. These new set of hoodies called the Mouth Man Hoodies, usher in a whole new experience of nerd partywear. Just look at the photo above and see what I mean. Imagine just standing in the crowd, the way like the girl is, and just chilling with a drink. Now imagine some jerk coming up to you to chat you up. Don’t be alarmed, with these hoodies, folded arms is the best form of defense. The “friendly” person will be running away by now.

shark mouth hoodie shirt

snake mouth hoodie shirt

Clothes do say a lot about who you are, but with these hoodies, I think you get to say more than just that – you can say what you’d rather be. You could be a Great White Shark, a T-rex or some other carnivore. My advice, please practice that sinister smile before trying these on though. I mean you wouldn’t wanna giggle like an excited kid, when unleashing that monster within. Attitude is everything.

tiger mouth hoodie shirt

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$34.99-39.99 Via: TheDailyWhat