Charlie Brown Joins the Dark Side in His Own Star Wars Tie Fighter

Mashups are generally combination of seemingly unrelated hobbies and interests, but they don’t get much more random than this one. I mean really, putting Charlie Brown, one of the most genuine and lovable comic book characters I know, together with the forces of the evil Empire from Star Wars in his very own Tie Fighter? I certainly wouldn’t have thought of it, but I have to admit it is pretty awesome. I’m sure when Charlie gets tired of repeatedly missing Lucy’s place kicks he’ll hop in this baby and blow the place to smithereens instead.

Of course while Charlie’s typically a good guy, from a practical standpoint it wouldn’t really make sense to stick Charlie Brown’s bulbous head onto the narrow nose of an X-wing or the oddly shaped Y-wing, now would it? The only other form-fitting vehicle from Star Wars that would work would have to be the Death Star. Someone will have to put together a video of Lando Calrissian staring at a huge space-faring Charlie Brown head yelling “That thing’s operational!” Make it happen. I guess in that case the torpedoes would have to go up his nose, or the ears would work in a pinch too.

Of course if you want to make one of these bad boys for yourself it ain’t gonna be easy. According to the kit’s creator, Tom Torrey, the model comes from “an old school mpc vader tie model kit and some other plastic stuff I had.” Even if you had the old tie fighter toy lying around, would you want to mangle it for the sake of a good Peanuts representation? Maybe if you wanted to show that it’s possible, but that kind of shock value only works once. Of course there is still that Death Star angle to go on…anyone have one of those handy?

Via: theDW