Moshi Monster: Active Even Though Your Mobile Is Silent!!

A series of hilarious monsters have stepped into the world of cell phone accessories, and these strangely looking playful creatures are a different race and known as Moshi Monsters that goes attached to your mobile phone. The unearthly race of Moshi Monster can be used with your mobile as a real charm and quite handy too.

These marvelous charms work as an alert for every incoming calls and messages. Although sounds nuts, but the monster flashes and spins around for when your mobile phone rings or any text messages are in. Mounted on a dome, these unique creatures come with an ‘unlock’ code for you to get into and access the world of Moshi Monsters. There are loads of other activities too that you can get access to with the unlocking code.

Available in different figures, you can choose and name your favorite one. The Moshi Monsters are really amazing and works as an alert, especially when you’re in busy and noisy areas. Even if you have forgot to switch back your phone’s mode from silent, the monster will never let you miss a single call or text message. Get one wacky monster for your mobile too for they are available just for $9.95. For more such cellphone charms, check out with these Famous Movie Character Cellphone Charms.