The Plush Conan O’BrienDoll Is The Current Buzz Of The Town!

If you liked Kay’s Conan O’Brien Needle Felted Wool Doll, you would also like the latest Plush Conan Doll, for it is cute, lovable and is as happy as the real Conan. So, if you are a fan of Conan Christopher O’Brien, and just get glued to your TV sets to watch his shows and the way he makes people laugh, the soft and smart 24 inches high plush Conan doll is an absolute treat for you. This doll has been made by Laura.

Laura seems to be a real great fan of Conan as she is in a continuous process of making dolls of Conan. After “Mr. Beardsley”, it is the turn of this Plush Conan doll that looks really striking and bears much similarities with the real Conan. Cotton fabrics, fleece and wool felt are used in the making of this doll. The final output can be so cute and so dashing, that was really not expected and it has now won everybody’s heart. It has reddish hair. The full formal suit that it is sporting has made it look really cute and cool and its comic clueless expression is simply marvelous! Great work of art and expertise and Laura deserves to be praised for it. Can someone tell me where can I buy it?

The bearded gnome that Laura made before this plus Conan also is an instance of great craftsmanship. She named that gnome “Mr. Beardsley” and gifted it to Conan. You can get a glimpse of it too that has been showcased by Conan himself while he posed for the cover page of People Magazine. Conan says that this doll has been gifted by an admirer of his show “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”.

A face full of beards with a clown hat atop, this gnome is so lovely that no one can ever think of pointing any drawback in it. It must have delighted Conan too after receiving the parcel carrying it and in fact, why will he not be as we have seen it now introduced by Conan himself in People Magazine. He placed it on the top of the sofa, right behind his face with all the focus on it while he posed in his new L.A. office with his mint green guitar in hands. This gnome represents Conan’s bearded winter look. It must be admitted that it is an awesome gift from Laura as an admirer of Conan.

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