Tetris Hoodie Introduces the Braintris for the Geeky Kind!

The human brain is an incredible and complex network of various nerve cells that make it one of the most extraordinary processing systems on Earth, and some of us use this particular device to such extreme levels that they come up with something cool like this Tetris Braintris Hoodie, which needs to be an essential part of every geek’s formal wardrobe.

The cool hoodie has been created by Low Rez and is composed of several tetris blocks, thus resembling a human brain and setting up a perfect example to the the phrase “Getting one’s Brain All Blocked Up!”. The hoodie reminds me of the days when my mom used to catch me playing tetris for hours on a stretch and then go on about how my brain would one day turn into a big tetris block of absolutely no use, and now thanks to this fun hoodie I know the ill effects of  excessive gaming.

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