Iron Man Potato Head May Help with Diet Planning

Most of us grew up reading Marvel comics and they were way too famous a couple of decades ago, and one of the favorite characters was Iron Man whose adventures kept us enthralled throughout our childhood and adolescence.

Iron Man was born as Anthony Edward Tony Stark, and he created a powered suit of armor to protect himself after going through torture.

While his adventures left us spellbound, the saga seems to continue to this day. The kind of favoritism that people have been showering upon the character of Iron Man can be seen in the number of toys, gadgets, and art which are inspired by Iron Man. Here is a cool Iron Man Potato Head, which can be humorously called “Tony Starch” If you did not know, potatoes have a lot of starch in them, and if you kept eating potatoes for too long, it might lead to malnutrition!

This funny “Tony Starch” could be used as a cool way to teach kids that potato and its products like chips are tasty, but we should not over do it by consuming too many potato products. It would be cool ‘cos kids and adults alike will respect anything that “Iron Man” depicts! You could also check out other cool stuff like the R2D2 Potato Head, the Spiderman Potato Head and the Boba Fett Potato Head.

Via: Albotas Via: Cool Toy Review