World’s smallest One Man Helicopter Buzzes Like a Bee

world's smallest one person helicopter

Yesterday while surfing videos on youtube I landed on a funny video that exhibited the working of Personal Helicopter made by Franz Schöfmanns. It seemed funny as the helicopter instead of flying up in the sky, was seen flying over the lawn like a giant insect propping up and down as if finding a place to land. It may also remind some of you of the children rides in the amusement park. This one manned helicopter is supposed to be the world’s smallest helicopter with a minimalist design so you won’t find any enhancements, not even the safety devices like a parachute or an airbag.

I got confused as to what fuel this coaxial copter would be using but one thing I can say with surety is that it runs with the help of two four and a half feet lawn mower blades making a birr right on top of your head. Those of you who have seen Doraemon will agree on the point that this one can not beat our Doraemon’s flying gadget as with its massive structure; this Helicopter wasn’t able to cover up much area and height while flying, on the other hand Doraemon’s gadget takes him and Nobita wherever they desire.

But, need not to worry as if you have been dreaming to get a small helicopter for you, then you can make your dream come true by buying GEN H-4, the World’s smallest and lightest one person helicopter designed for sale purpose. The GEN H-4, an amazing and brilliant design of Mr. Gennai Yanagisawa, the President of Engineering System Co. Japan, is now out for all to own at a cost of 2 million rubles ($65,000). With such a brilliant performance of 60 mph speed and flying at a height of 3,000 meters, this smallest helicopter definitely is a deserving entry to the Guinness Book of Records. The designing of the helicopter is kept minimalist keeping in mind the requirements of only one passenger. As this aircraft weighs 70 Kg only, one passenger can travel pretty safely in it who himself will have to drive it too. So, anyone who is very curious to have a ride on the smallest helicopter of the world will first have to let lessons on flying it.

The good news is that flying the GEN H-4 is very easy and for that the pilot will not even have to carry a license with him. Anyone can learn to fly it and for that a tutorial of hardly 2 hours will be enough. The driver will only have to be confident while driving it with his body strapped and hands on the gears. So, something very personal and something very delightful in the form of the GEN H-4 is out for all now. If you don’t like this, you can check out Jet Scooter, but remember this is just a design, so you will have to wait till it gets manufactured for sale. Another such whacky yet interesting concept is The Wheel Rider Concept by Yamaha.