Google Plans to Build and Test Fiber Networks with Speeds Touching 1 Gb/s

google broadband internet

Google had its first adventure in the field of hardware with Nexus One, selling the phone directly to consumers via Web (remember the web meets phone… !). But this time, Google looks beyond and plans to revolutionize the Internet experience of users by testing for speeds which are 100 times of what most Americans have access to today. Surprised, aren’t you?

The Company announced that it is planning to build and test, fiber-to-home network capable of jaw-dropping 1gb/s speed. The proposal is under the scanner and responses are being collected (and scrutinized) till March 26, after which expect Google to settle the dust regarding the locations that will be served, how they will be served and at what price. Speaking of price, the search engine giant has indicated that prices will be competitive.

Google said in the announcement that its GOAL is to help make Internet access better and faster (easily guessed, huh?) for everyone. The reason behind thinking a gamechanger in Broadband can be illustrated as follows:

  • Next Generation Apps – providing a platform for developers to make and users to experience never seen before ‘killer apps’ that would run wild on ultra high speed internet connection
  • New deployment techniques – testing new ways to build fiber network and enlightening the world at the same time (this is the research part)
  • Openness and choice – Google will operate an “open access” network wherein you will have a choice to select your service provider. The Company looks determined to maintain its ideology of transparency, non-discrimination and open environment for all. The Google Effect!

As a first step towards the experiment, Google has rolled out Request For Information (RFI) to identify interested communities. Here is your catch, want to try one (if you are an American)…. fill up an RFI (find it here) and populate it in your block!

The latest buzz will impact the lives of as much as half a million people in the US, as Google looks to launch the service at competitive price to at least 50,000 people and will endeavor to serve around 500,000 citizens of USA.

Surely, telecom operators must be left shivering with fear with the announcement of Google’s experiment with broadband. Lets hope that it brings peace and convenience to both the users and operators. Remember the Google’s attitude – Don’t be Evil. Considering the how Nexus One was launched with the help of HTC, it might be same case with Broadband networks also. Think of Google’s innovation delivered to consumers via Verizon’s equipment, and of course via ‘the Web’. Another extension for Google’s homepage? As Google said, Think Big! What’s you view?

We hope you enjoyed the story and would surely love to take a look at the recently launched Google Buzz, or find your luck with Android vinyl robots.

Via Googleblog