Lenovo Lephone Is The Creation Of A Visionary

First it was Personal Computers and then came Laptops followed by notebooks but in these 26 years, Lenovo has never ever dissatisfied any of their customers. After being successful in almost all the IT sectors, Lenovo has decided to blast-off the cell phone world with their latest creation “Lenovo Lephone”.

This might look like just an ordinary iPhone at one glance but when it comes to features, even the best iPhone will feel embarrassed in front of it. With a next-gen Android operating system, Lenovo has prepared it with a dual mode home screen.

The first one is the flower one where you scroll through your contacts on each petal and then, pick one petal to message or make a call. I feel even Lenovo’s acting green by making such skins. Any ways, the second home screen is called Widget Space which is a series of widgets.

Get ready for a surprise as soon as you split open the phone from the middle. There is also a connector on the left side of the cover which attaches magnetically. I know it’s clever but dangerous too. This is used to connect the Lephone to a series of peripherals which can also be taken as an optional keyboard accessory. Apart from that, it has the usual settings of GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc. which are running on Snapdragon Processor.

I am going out of the words because whatever features I wrote about this Lephone, its not even half of the total features. I know you must be getting exited just by looking thoroughly at it but don’t get too exited because it is touch-sensitive and too much pressure on the screen can screw things up.

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Via : Engadget