Epic Homemade Crayola Crayons Rockets

crayola crayon rocket project

In most countries, manufacturing gun powder and ammunition at home can be a serious crime; However, some people may be able to do it quite legally and that too in the most creative ways possible, as we can clearly see with these Crayon rockets dressed up just like the famous colorful Crayola Crayon packs we remember from our childhood.

crayola crayons rockets projectscrayola crayons rockets

While we all burn fireworks on certain holidays, John Coker has taken the idea of fireworks a bit too far (and highly appreciated). He has manufactured rockets that look like Crayola crayons with their various colors, packaging and even branding. You might think there is absolutely no connection between the two, and that it is completely ridiculous, but I am certain many would appreciate the gesture and would only wish they could draw such a project in their minds (no pun intended).

crayola crayons rockets project

If you ask yourself “why?”, I would answer right back with a “why not?”, for the result looks great and would delight any pyromaniac. Thus, these rockets that look like crayons were built, and you could also see how they were built with John’s link below to instructions, directions and work in progress images. In brief, he explains that he got that idea after a friend has mentioned the I-ROC looked pretty similar to a Crayola Crayon, and since the smallest pack he found was 8, it pretty much fit the standard mid-power rockets.

Although the project looks amazing in the finalized presentation, it actually began in 1998, had a long delay and resumed in 2004. In the end, the result is absolutely stunning and John ended up really making those Crayons fly.

new crayola crayon rockets

Of course, I suggest you DON’T try manufacturing such rockets at home, no matter how friendly the bottles of paint that he used look. Instead, you could just gloss over these mind blowing pictures of John Coker’s Homemade Crayola Crayons Rockets and wait for him to release the rocket launch video.

crayola crayons rocket project

You could also take a look at the LED Light Artwork, which would certainly not require anything that is inflammable. Of course, as they say, it is always good to play safe with fire. If you can’t, better watch someone else play with it. This time, watch John Coker do it!

crayon rocket projectcrayon rocket projects

For other colorful Crayons, check out the giant Crayola Crayons Cake that allows you to finally eat the paint.

cool crayon rockets projectcrayola crayon rocket project image

John explain in great detail the entire ordeal of developing the Crayon rockets from the preliminary design, painting the rockets, installing fins, building the Crayola Crayon box and the launch. It is a must for rocket enthusiasts.

John Coker Via: The Daily What