Scoot Electric Scooter Is Doing Its Part Of Saving The Environment

Nowadays our environment is getting worse day by day with increasing pollution, and it is rather awful – just like a person who isn’t treated even after being diagnosed with a terrible disease. The same is the condition of our Mother Nature today. I guess she gave us too much in the form of woods, paper, medicine, aesthetic purposes and what not. She gave us so much that our greed has blinded us that we can’t see her worsening condition.

But I guess some people have realized their mistakes and are trying the best in improving our Mother. Here is one initiative which GRO has taken i.e. to keep decrease the output of pollution by today’s vehicles.  This is the latest Scooter designed by Martin Uit Utrecht and it has been named “Scoot”.

As you all already know that it’s a Eco friendly and with uber stylish and simple looks, it is really cost efficient.

On this scooter, you can travel up to 40-50 kms in only 50 cents. As it runs on electricity, its Lithium ion battery is removable and needs only 6 hrs of recharge for it to work fully.

These lithium batteries make it light weight and its high speed of 30kms/hr makes it very safe too. You don’t need any helmet and no parking costs, no number plates.

This is really an awesome two wheeler for travelling which costs only 1.500 pounds.

I wouldn’t be surprised if in coming years, I see our roads filled with this scoot.

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