Retro Super Mario Brothers Characters Quilts Warm Up Winter

super mario brother quilt art

If Winter blues have got you down, then just imagine the sweet, nerdy dreams you could have snuggled up under these Nintendo themed quilts featuring the Super Mario Brothers characters to keep you company!

Punzie quilts a variety of designs from Mario and Luigi in all their red and green glory to the ever-mysterious item block and devious Goomba onto bedspreads, throws and pillows sure to delight any videogame fan.

I love crafts that use the pixilated nature of old video games in a new, creative ways.  Even as video games have moved beyond the blurry, boxy characters of the late 80s and early 90s, the traditional black borders and squared-off designs still hold instant appeal to anyone who grew up trying to save the princess on their NES.

These designs would be great for a guest room, or more accurately, a gaming room with a futon that’s sometimes called a guestroom as so many of my friends have.  And what freshman dorm room would be complete without a little 1-up love? Oh the geek jokes that could abound!

super mario brothers characters quilt art

While all the designs are eye-catching, the queen-sized set complete with raccoon Mario bedspread, Mario and 1-Up mushroom shams, and Goomba and Boo throw pillows outdoes them all.

Punzie even quilts some of the game’s rarer forms, including Baby Mario, Bloop Bloop (my least favorite villain as he always got the best of me), the death mushroom, and the Tanooki suit. And for once Luigi isn’t neglected, with no less than three versions immortalized on to quilt squares! Don’t see your ideal decoration? Feel free to request the design of your choice, as Punzie does custom orders through Etsy.

I was looking for a decorating scheme for the new apartment I’m moving in to in August, and this could be it! Add some Pac Man mugs, an NES game cartridge transformed into an iPhone dock,  and a Tetris chair and I’d have the perfect palace of retro geekdom to make all my friends jealous!

super mario brothers medusa art