The District 9 Gas Projector Is One Way To Attest That You Are Human

Although all the prawns were successfully relocated from District 9 to District 10, there were two things which happened and shouldn’t have had to happen back in South Africa. First one was the life of Wikus Van De Merwe who gave his physical humanity and due to some mishap, transformed into a prawn form only to fulfill his work objective and move all the prawns safely. The second one was that one of the naughty prawns left their most devastating weapon. Now it’s being replicated for you and named as “Gas Projector” which is I guess the most destructive weapon after bombs.

There was one guy in District 9 who was the Nigerian crime lord, Obesandjo. He found it and also tried to make it work by the innocent Wikus but he was too smart to get into his trap. Now after replicating it, our scientist are still trying to make it work but by that time. If you want it, it can be yours only for $710.22 NZD. Its quite big with dimensions of 23.6”H  x 39.4”W  x 3.9”D and weighting 5.4kgs or 11.9lbs. It is said to be designed by Greg Broadmore and I must say, he has done an outstandingly stupendous job. Being made up of glass fiber, it has been finely detailed with other materials and is sure to win all your neighbors and relative’s appreciation. Don’t worry, you won’t end up blowing up your house or neighborhood because this only works if your genetic makeup resembles to that of a Prawn’s.

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