Apple iCup Design Promises a Hot Cup Anytime, Anywhere

apple icup logo

The new concept of Apple’s iCup has introduced a newer and better side of the use of technology as just by inserting the USB cable into the cup and connecting it to the netbook one can now heat up the drink. This very creative and innovative idea has already marveled the spectators and that is adding a plus point to the total concept of using an Apple netbook anywhere. So, that means one will not have to miss his hot smoky cup of tea or coffee just for being completely lost in the work. If your cup of tea has got completely chilled, just connect it to your netbook through the USB cord and enjoy the taste of a hot refreshing tea.

apple icup design

A person, sitting in a library, in their office, in a park or while working at home on their netbook will not have to long for a hot cup of tea or coffee or will no longer have to keep ordering for a fresh cup every time when finding it getting cold. For heating up your drink this special cup named as the iCup would hopefully not just be a concept and will soon be available at the Apple store. The specialty of this cup is that it is easy to use, easy to connect and most importantly, easy to wash. For washing the iCup, one will just have to bring out the inner part of the cup as it is of removable kind. So, once the washing process is done and it gets dry, you can easily place it again in the heatproof body. For further ease of use, this Apple iCup has been designed with a removable handle too.

apple icup

Every part of the iCup from Onur Karaalioglu is enhanced with advanced technologies and innovative ideas. The Apple cup has got everything like a heatproof body which anyone can touch and hold while being connected to the netbook, a heat filter, allochrous logo for easy handling, a heat coil and a durable base.

new apple icup design

The best part of this iCup is that one can easily perceive the status of the drink of the cup. If the temperature of the drink is cold then the logo of the apple on the cup will indicate Blue color, for warm temperature the Orange light will blow and finally, the Red color will indicate a hot drink. So, based on the requirement of the temperature, one can look for the color of the indicator.

iCup Design image

The iCup Apple design reminded me of the cool Apple Suitcase For Mac Notebooks Fans and it looks like Apple will really rule on this earth. From a Geeky Apple Pie to the iPad iPants, even our daily use items are getting afflicted by Apple Love. Even Apple cares for its customers in a very special way by thinking out of the box products to make your lives easier.

apple icup designs

icup design image