Scare Your Guests with this Toilet Paper Puzzle

If you want to teach that problematic neighbor of yours a lesson and are looking to make some pure fun out of making your guests scream and scratch their heads in despair, then here’s the solution. You can lock up your toilet paper with the help of this devious Toilet Paper Puzzle. All that you need to do is install a wooden case having a puzzle on it over your standard toilet paper roll. Leave one end of the toilet paper hanging to get the fun started. When you guests will try to access the rest of the roll, they will need to solve the puzzle first, without which they won’t be able to clean it up!

Your guests are sure to howl with laughter once they get the job done. However, don’t blame me if they try to beat you over the head with this puzzle for making their toilet job miserable and scary, that too without the slightest hint!

You can get this Toilet Paper Puzzle for $16.98. So, get your own Toilet Paper Puzzle today to set the stage for toilet mayhem.

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Via: Funniest Gadgets

9 thoughts on “Scare Your Guests with this Toilet Paper Puzzle

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  7. Alex Hamilton.

    Much amused!
    This device just caught our eye earlier in the week.
    Nice to know I am not alone in my toilet humour!

    Was surfing earlier and found ‘glow in the dark’ toilet paper too…

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