Hands On with the Libre eBook Reader Pro from Aluratek

libre ebook reader pro

I have not been a fan of eReaders until recently when I tried out the Pocketbook 360 and was intrigued by the simplicity of the eReaders, their amazing practicality and wonderful mobility. This time around, we were happy to try out the Libre eBook Reader Pro from Aluratek which provides an inexpensive eReader alternative that grants the basics needed in a compact and cool gadget. It is not on the high end scale of eBooks, yet it gives a simple to use eReader for those interested in some fun and portability in an affordable package.

Unlike many expensive and “trendy” eReaders, the Libre eBook Reader begins with providing cool start up accessories within its box that is sure to excite new arrivals into this new technolcogy field. The Libre box includes the Libre, a custom fit pouch, hand strap, 2GB SD Card, earphones, USB cable, charger, instructions and warranty.

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After a preliminary charge (as requested) we were ready to try the compact Libre Ereader out and were happy with first response. The Libre overall is really simple to use and seems like something that my Dad would be happy with, for it is simple enough for him to read with. Even better, it sports a 5″ screen, so it is really portable, making it easy to carry along with you for quick readings.

libre ebook reader pro aluratek

The Libre eBook Reader Pro reads many different formats*, so you are not locked into DRM only documents in order to read your favorite and desired titles. Moreover, it grants the ability of image view and MP3 playing (what the earphones were provided for). These are cool extras that many could appreciate when taking the eReader on the go, for as many would agree, you do not ALWAYS want to read a book when traveling, and now you have also music and audiobook possibility in the same dvice. Granted, it doesn’t have the amazing sound for those looking for the next hi end MP3 player, but for Audiobooks or a simple alternative to reading…it came in handy.

ebook reader libre

As in the interface and use of the Libre, it is rather simple and not so innovative, but that is also a plus. What I mean is, for those that are interested in picking up an eReader and not having to spend too much time just trying to figure it out, the Libre is ready to use for any newcomer. Moreover, they preload 100 Book classic on the SD Card**, so you could have something to read that fits your desire right off the bat. Of course, you do not have to worry at all about the storage, for these 100 books take up less than 90MB, and besides the SD card provided, you can use a card up to 32GB on it. This of course means you can have plenty of reading material on the go…including music, audiobooks and images to have around with you.

The Libre controls provide different ways to turn the pages, with the left hand bar for forwards/backwards, the page flip button on bottom left to do the same, and one can even use the arrow keys in the directional pad. Moreover, the actual menu controls are self explanatory, so you can rotate the screen to landscape mode, go back to select a different book and even change the font size without being any expert. This eBook Reader Pro also grants one button selection with the right hand #s (1 thru 8) that allow to select anything from the menu based using one # only, instead of the arrow keys…simple navigation.

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Lastly, the Libre is not made with an E-Ink screen but an actual monochrome LCD screen, thus reducing costs and increasing page refreshing rates. Which brings up the final price of under $180, making it one of the most inexpensive eReaders out there and an alternative for those not looking to dig deep in their pocket for a simple and practical eReader.

One final note, for the individuals who are afraid of downloading, setting up and getting into the eBook world, Aluratek provides simple manuals that grant a step by step guide of downloading both Free and Paid books, LOading them onto the Libre and getting your Read On!

libre ebook reader

For actual product specs, additional images or to purchase, check out the Aluratek Libre eBook Reader Pro Official Site.

*Supports PDF (Adobe Digital Edition DRM/non-DRM), TXT, FB2, EPUB (Adobe Digital Edition DRM/non-DRM), MOBI (non-DRM only), PRC (non-DRM only) and RTF electronic book format

**Some books that are includes are: 20000 Leagues Under the Seas, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, War and Peace, Romeo and Juliet, Siddhartha, Les Miserables, Little Women, The Call of the Wild, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare and many more.

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