Blualert Bluetooth Bracelet The Most Modern Ornaments To Communicate

Now its an eternal truth that Cell phones are became the integral parts of our life as it keeps us connected to the world and comes in handy in different situations. Making a call is an easy part but when it comes to receiving it, most of the times due to our surrounding environment, we aren’t able to hear the ring tone of phone and may missed very urgent calls but because our cell phones were deep inside our bags or are in silent mode in our pockets. This is when the “BluAlert Bluetooth Bracelet” comes in handy.

How much ever sound is there like even if you are attending a rock concert and your phone is on silent. This Bluetooth bracelet will certainly make sure that you receive the call. Its technology allows it to buzz unconnectedly on your wrist and the number flashes on the screen when your phone is ringing.

The best part is that is also acts as a security device for your phone. If by chance some one is able to get hold of your phone and is sneaking away. As soon as your cell-phone goes 5 meter away from you, the device will start buzzing and you can get back your cell phone.

Whether its stainless steel or Black body, both look stunning on human wrists and is compatible with 1.1, 1.2 and 2. Its has a 100 hour stand-by time with only 3 hours of charge and fits wrists ranging from 7.5” to 9.5”. An awesome device you and if you feel like buying it then cost ranges in between $49.99 – $59.99 based on the model and quantity.

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