Steampunk Solid Brass Goggles are Here to Rule!

Here are  proudly presented a pair of absolutely amazing solid brass goggles that will definitely make you go, “Wow!”, as the Steampunk Solid Brass goggles have their own military look making you feel like a G. I. Joe while putting them on. You can put them on, go through places and see the world in an entirely different light and unlike other goggles you see and may use, these goggles are specially hand-made. Making these goggles is an easy procedure and you’ll realize how useful they can be if you keep reading this note.

In order to make Steampunk Solid Brass goggles the way Mann & Koryakin have, their frames made first with the help of several power tools. The exterior diameter of each frame is 52mm while the interior diameter is 42mm which helps in clear-cut vision and refrains from hampering your view of scenes. The lenses of the goggles are cut from 4mm thick olive green transparent Perspex using power tools. These green-tinted glasses provide that glow-in-the-dark feeling to everything you see around yourself with the goggles on. The oculars are made in such a way that 2mm tanned-brown leather is painted in rich brown that is later on finished with bee-wax and the padding for the goggles is done in such a way that tanned leather is painted in brown and then it is hand-stitched to the oculars with waxed polyester shoe thread. The straps and the strap buckle are then attached (they, too, are hand-made) to tin rivets for leather with brass covering. And we all know that screws and nuts aren’t hand-made so they are purchased.

You will be glad to know that our goggles are build from no kind of Aluminum, no sort of ‘recycled leather’, no synthetics, plastic frames. The only un-authentic parts consist of Perspex lenses and polyester threads. They are only included for the sake of your safety and the durability along with reliability of the goggles; we would never want shards of broken glasses getting into eyes of our precious clients and customers. Neither would we desire the goggle padding falling apart after two or more years of usage. This is why glass lenses and cotton threads were not used but Perspex and polyester. If you like the Steampunk Art seen in these Solid Brass goggles, then you might also like this Cool Steampunk Cheetah and Steampunk PS3.