Super Mario Sculptures by Haroshi: Created Out of Broken Skateboard Pieces

Creative persons have one thing in common – to create a hell out of unused items – that may put even original products to shame, and if you could not sell yourself on this, read on to find what we really meant!

Love for skateboarding and inspired by emotional attachment to decks lying as waste (tower high, mind you!) inside his room, artist Haroshi took a challenge on himself to convert the waste into something meaningful and worthy. Where there is a determination, there lies a way! This old adage was proved once again as correct by Haroshi when he created our old hero, none other than the Super Mario Brothers (pictured), out of sheer idle decks, which many of us (sorry, only those like me) would have simply disposed of.

Surely, an AWESOME job! As the artist himself said, being a fan of skateboarding he took a responsibility on himself to come up with something that would promote the concept of recycling, known and discussed worldwide and very old (god only knows how much exactly). But not many take it to the heart and come up with ideas and indeed, adventures like this. Right?

Without any doubt, Haroshi’s creation shows his dedication towards his passion (for skateboarding, here) and desire to put a good public word out on environment protection. It certainly leaves our mind boggling over how we can provide towards things, we are passionate at. It is time when we took an inspiration and throw a challenge on to ourselves. What do you say?

Haroshi has termed this project as Harvest, and will be showcasing his ‘Skate and Destroy’ collection on display at Tokyo’s PLSMIS Gallery running from Feb 20 to Feb 27. As you would have guessed, the collection is also viewable online.

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Haroshi Via Kokatu