Konami Code T-shirt for Contra Fans

The infamous Konami Code is a cheat code that appears in several Konami video games and it became famous with the game Contra, and if you remember, Contra proved to be a rather difficult game and in order to prolong the gameplay, people began to use the Konami Code.

It increased the players’ lives from 3 to 30, because of which it is also called 30 Lives Code. Since it increased the players’ lives, the code became immensely popular around the world, and thus several art forms were inspired by it. Here is a cool Konami Code t-shirt that reminds you that it was the code that helped you save your lives from the Red Falcon.

You may get 30 lives with your Konami Code, but that doesn’t mean that you can continue “dying” for eventually the 30 lives will be exhausted too! This cryptic t-shirt comes with the Da Nami puzzle on maroon colour, and costs up to $16.99. It is made from 100% cotton. You could also take a look at the Google Easter Egg, which was unveiled as an ode to the Contra Code.  You can play Contra on Your Cellphone too.