Instant Fame with Michael Jackson LED Light-Up Disco Shoes

If you are a dancing freak and wish to surprise your colleagues and become instant famous like Michael Jackson, then here is your chance to become eminent with cool Billie Jean LED light-up disco shoes.  Getting curious to know how this is possible? Here is your chance to brighten the floor with amazing lights. The shoes in questions come with LED floor tiles which are attached to its bottom as soon as you put your feet down the tiles light up because of the pressure switch.

To make people wonder around, with your eccentric act, you are empowered with a battery pack which you will have to put in your pocket. There are seven steps involved to achieve your goal of lighting up the LED floor tiles just like you would have seen in the Michael Jackson and Billie Jean video. You can learn how to make this great act at Instructables. Look closely to the tutorial and you are on a road to become instant hit with your colleagues.

In short you will require the material like shoes with hard sole, and you will also come to know how to mask off the shoes using white spray paints. Then there are wires to be used, including requiring to build frames and mount LEDS like you will have to take 24 high brightness LEDS along with microswitch, polycarbonate sheet, 3d cell battery holder.

I am not going to explain all this, for the link below goes step by step and shows how to start making the LED light-up disco shoes today. Look at other cool chic shoe designs like the  Nike Junk Dunk Shoes and Circuitboard Shoes.

Via: instructables