Briefcase USB Turntable To Make You DJ To Rock The Dance Floor At Home

Discos are full, all the night clubs are jam packed and you are feeling as if you will die with boredom on this Saturday night, but don’t worry, for now you can party anywhere. You will have to have two things with you as the first one is a circuit board and the second one is this awesome “Briefcase USB Turntable”. Just pop-open its latches and get ready to have a blast.

I know its jet black color makes it look a bit creepy like some MIB or some mafia’s briefcase but don’t worry; this is something which every DJ would want to own. Oh I forgot to say one thing that you don’t have to bring your own speakers because they won’t fit into that. Don’t get sad, it has its own build in high quality dynamic full range stereo speakers emitting the sound quality like those in rock concerts.

If it’s too loud for you then you can even adjust the volume with its adjustable tone control feature. To rock the dance floor, you will just have to connect the turntable to your laptop or iPod/iPhone with the USB and create funky news songs out of your song collection.  It also includes Audacity Software suite which will help your DJ to record and edit audio content. You can even play at 3 speeds- 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM records.

To keep the internal device safe and sound extra care has been taken like the exterior has been Vinyl wrapped with Heavy duty corner guards and Chrome snap closure to give it extra style. If you want to try it then its cost is $69.99.

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