22 Coolest Umbrella Designs to Help You Stay Dry

Ever since humans began to evolve, they began to seek shelter from the natural elements, and while it was always difficult to find caves and trees to seek shelter from the burning sun and rough rain, man gradually invented the umbrella, in order to have a canopy over their head.

What is really cool is that the umbrella has evolved in several different regions including the Middle East, South Asia, Far East, South and North America and Europe. Umbrellas slowly evolved to become not just canopied protection, but also artful pieces of work that grabbed the attention of everyone. Kings and Queens used to carry elaborate umbrellas, while the common folk carried bland ones.

Today with all its advanced science, art and technology, one can find hundreds of umbrellas and conceptual umbrellas that would surprise you with their ingenuity and inventiveness. Some are so colorful and inventive, that you would just have to buy one of them for yourself! Here is a list of the 22 Coolest Umbrellas for rain or shine, which are actually a testimony to the fact that umbrellas are still evolving both technically and aesthetically.

Coolest Umbrellas

Most of the umbrellas that we see in real life are either boring black ones, or annoyingly colorful ones. However, these cool umbrellas would force you to change your opinion!

The Polite Umbrella makes space for people, so that if you are in a crowded place, you can tug it, and make it smaller.

The Samurai Sword Umbrella is lethal, beautiful and very inventive. You would never have to worry about someone attacking you mid street.

We know that umbrellas are either black or very colorful. How would you like a color changing umbrella?

If you always wished to blare out music so that people knew what kind of music you liked, you could try this cool Umbrella Speaker Concept which combines the artistic style, the tech of today and the innovation of tomorrow.

The Air Umbrella Concept gets rid of the canopy, and uses forced air instead to create a pseudo canopy. A really interesting concept, which could be implemented in reality.

Umbrellas always go hand in hand with weather. If you wanted to know your weather forecast, this Bluetooth Umbrella will certainly help you do so.

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Crazy Umbrellas

While there are certainly several cool umbrellas and umbrella concepts around, some actually are so cool that they border on being crazy. These crazy umbrellas will certainly keep you in rapture.

led umbrella

The LED Umbrella will just shine during the rainy weather, and besides providing the extra light…will also make you the center of attention during the gloomy weather.

The Cloud Umbrella by Joonsoo Kim is almost avant-garde with its strange design. It would not just save you from getting wet, but would also make you famous in the neighborhood.

If you always worried that your expensive sandals or shoes got wet in the rain, you could use the Umbrella Shoes, which would keep your feet dry.

Meryl Harsadi has designed these beautiful Rhino Models of umbrellas. In soft yellow, red and blue, these umbrellas look really pretty.

Anastasia Spada has created an umbrella using discarded X-ray sheets. Under the sun, you might be able to spot fractured bones in your X ray umbrella.

Drip Umbrella by Amanda Leppi looks like an Indo-Chine canopy. It would gather the water and let it drip. Wonder if rain harvesting could be done with this!

Marco Velasco has designed these surreal Solar Powered Umbrellas that almost look like a table lamp.

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Eco Friendly Umbrellas

Umbrellas not only must protect you from the wrath of nature, but also protect nature from the wrath of mankind. These eco-friendly umbrellas are clean and green and set an example to how people should remain eco-friendly.

The Solar Parasol is a beach umbrella that would let you collect solar energy when you are at the beach. Later, you could use the stored solar energy to recharge your gadgets and gear.

The Umboo by Chris Sweet is a sustainable umbrella concept. It is built from sustainable bamboo, and is completely eco-friendly.

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Self Defense Umbrella

The Umbuster Umbrella not only protects you from rain and the sun. It also protects you from thugs and goons, thanks to the massive weapon that is used as the handle.

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Twilight Umbrella

This beautiful Twilight umbrella makes you believe that you are seeing different colored stars. It comes with glowing and beautiful LED lamps.

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Geeky Umbrellas

There is nothing in the world that can be turned geeky. Even the umbrella can be designed to suit the tastes of a hardened geek. If you looked around, you would be sure to find an umbrella that is inspired by Star Wars or Pacman. Such is the power of geekhood!

The Lightsaber Umbrella is a great treat for all the Star Wars fans. It is designed for Jedis who are afraid of the rain.

The Geeky Nubrella looks like it has been designed to protect the aliens from one of the sci-fi video games.

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Smoker’s Umbrella

The Smoker’s Umbrella is for all those people who are addicted to nicotine. When it is raining hard, they could use the umbrella to remain dry with the ashtray beneath the shelter, and when it is not raining, they can huff and puff away using the removable ashtray.

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Utility Umbrella

The Umbrella Shoulder Holder has been conveniently designed to allow your hands to remain free; You would just wear the umbrella and walk hands free!

If you like biking and wanted to protect yourself from rain and sun, this DryBike Umbrella Holder is a great idea.

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There could be several other cool umbrellas that may not yet be discovered. If you find cooler ones, do let us know!