Adidas Brings Vintage Star Wars Jackets to the Streets

If you are having trouble getting respect from your geek friends, then bring your Dark Side cred with this Darth Vader track jacket by Adidas that would make Star Wars geeks drop in respect.

This limited edition jacket comes complete with cape and embroidered breastplate modeled after the Sith Lord’s own. Darth Vader even gets a little bling with the gold chain that holds the cape in place. For those days when you want to be a little more low-key, the cape is detachable and reveals a pop graphic print of Darth Vader on the jacket’s back when removed. A handy front pocket rests under the breastplate for lightsaber storage. Not to be forgotten amidst the galactic nostalgia, Adidas’ stripes run down the arms of the jacket and their classic Trefoil logo is stitched below the hood opening and on the sleeves.

The jacket is just one piece of a full line of Star Wars shirts, shoes, jackets, and pants Adidas launched in January. Designs feature Luke, Leia, stormtroopers and more in both their vintage glory and new pop-inspired designs. Pieces take their cues from not only the movies but also the popular Star Wars comic book series.

Athletic wear not your style? How about Boba Fett cufflinks or an R2D2 birdcage T-shirt? From the boardroom to the gym, Star Wars is invading our fashion sense. It’s nice to see products representing the Star Wars line in a way that’s both practical and fun at the same time. Pieces like this would make someone passing by look twice and then smile. “A galaxy far, far away” is so ingrained in our cultural awareness that this is one geek joke everyone can be a part of.

Interested in snagging yourself a piece of galactic fashion? Star Wars merchandise can be purchased directly from the Adidas site; Darth Vader’s track jacket will run you $100, but items start as low as $30.

via: Geekologie