Sidewinder: A Conceptual Multi-touch Phone and Wrist Watch

The tried and tested touchscreen interface has now involved into a complex technology and most cellphones these days seem to come with it, and here Susan Cho has designed a user interface for a conceptual multi-touch phone that also doubles up as a wrist watch.

The reason behind this conceptual gadget seems to be that we all use our cellphones to tell time these days, and the watches are worn only for decorative purposes. By combining both the gadgets into one, you could avoid having to remove your phone from the pocket or your bag every time you would like to use it. The Sidewinder is a sleek conceptual multi-touch phone which can also be used a wrist watch, and its user interface really stands out.

It is simple, clean and sans any distractions which makes the interface successful. The minimalist icons tell you where to touch for messages, to reach contacts, access reminders, to dial numbers, and also to check the map. Perhaps the phone also integrates the GPS facility, for the maps looks pretty clear. The settings and the tool bar are located at the bottom of the screen and are easily accessible.

Thus, with a great interface, Susan Cho has proved that a great phone need not remain in the pockets, but can be worn as a watch! It even looks really stylish. You could also check out Emblaze’s First Else, which is a really futuristic SmartPhone. The Eco-Friendly Coca Cola Phone encourages green living. And if you are more interested in multi-touch technology, take a look at the Google Nexus Hack for that purpose.