Flawless Aspiral Clocks are the Talk of the Town

aspiral clocks design 1

These revolutionary Aspiral clocks are designed in a style and are the handy work of inventors of UK, and according to its designers, Will Aspinall and Neil Lambeth, it took them three years dint of hard work to come up with the perfect shape of spiral clock. We all agree hard work always pays!
These rare Aspiral clocks are handmade and show time flawlessly while moving slowly throughout the day. What makes these clocks set apart from the crowd is the fact that they utilize ball rather than clock hands to tell the time.

cool aspiral clock design
It is how these clocks work: the ball in it follows the spiral path when its face slowly spins over a 12-hour time period. As soon as the clock strikes 12 the ball comes down or drops from the center hole and again the whole process starts over again. In the above picture the red ball in the clock is between 4 and 5, we can say it is closer to 5. It is through half and quarter markings one can depict the exact time, in this case it has covered the ¾ hour marker, therefore the time this clock is showing is 4.45.

These clocks come in various colors and have some exciting names like Just Jack, Red Robin, Laura Green, Chocolate, Inverse, Saxton Bampfylde Green, Baby Blue, The West Ham Aspira etc. The clocks are priced at $540 including shipping. Presently the delivery of these clocks is in UK but the designers are welcoming the international orders as well. You may appreciate some more clock designs like iBook G4 Clock Mod and Gun Alarm Clock .

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