Star Wars Lightsaber Tattoo Lets Your Hands Do the Talking

If you are ready to let your fingers do the talking, then this meticulously placed Star Wars lightsaber tattoo is positioned on the inside of someone’s pointer finger.

People have long used tattoos as a means to express their passions and beliefs, but this design takes the idea to a new, galactic level. Unfortunately, Jedi mind tricks and a higher Midi-chlorian count not included.

Star Wars is not the only geeky genre to make a permanent mark on fan’s extremities: check out this Pacman knuckle tattoo, or Mario and Luigi tattoos of Super Mario Brother’s fame running a constant race on the bottom of someone’s feet.

There’s something beautiful about tattoos (I have one myself). Tattoos are about deciding something is important enough to put on your skin for the rest of your life; a walking advertisement about the experiences have had the most impact in your life and a way to share them with the world without saying a word. Combining this idea with one of the most well known icons of the Star Wars series is a definite win.

On a lighter note, imagine the finger battles that could take place if someone else committed the Sith red light saber to ink on their digits – sound effects required!

via: nerdcore