A Handy Clip Button Watch to Tell Time

Telling what time it is may be a difficult job, especially in the months of winter when your watch lies buried under the thick coat and you find it hard to take it out every time you need to tell the time.  So, if you wished to have a handy watch that you can easily put on your bag or coat, and which tells you time whenever you need to know the same without much of a hassle, your wish has been answered.

Mac Funamizu has designed a small watch that resembles a button and can be worn with different outer wears.

You can click the face once to make it display the date and time on the glass face for a few seconds.

If you are wondering why it will show the date and time only for a few seconds, here’s the answer. We don’t need to stare at our watches for long when what we want is just the time or a quick glance at the date, right?

This clip watch has solar battery panels that charges electricity to make the display work. Though it’s not yet know if Mac would consider putting this watch up for sale, it would surely sell like hot cakes if he decides to do so.

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