LED Video Coffee Tables: A Full Party Entertainment Package

When you want to let loose and just party with total entertainment, or you love having frequent hangovers, flaunt your choice and decor by bringing up the LED furniture to your house. LED tables are now so accurately designed for the technical analyzers.

Interestingly, this table can be used for enhancing the bar by portraying events, drinks offered, menu cards, or anything a table service can offer. But LED goes beyond a conventional table by providing connections for any video devices, slide show presentations, and entertainment facilities like playing games on it.

With a 32” screen, it has a 1/4? glass top, which prevents any scratches and increases durability of the screen. Amazingly, its exclusive features include net book PC’s that are built in the bottom with the preloaded visuals and also flashes glow lights. These video tables also allow you to change the color of the top according to your mood which will definitely leave you in a dazzling mood!

LED video tables with customized designs are now available with a starting price of $1499, which includes net book inbuilt in the bottom, preloaded visuals, glow lights, along with custom programmed video slideshows. They are designed so not only for restaurants and bars but are also useful for various business meetings and presentations.

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Via: Born Rich