Yarga YoYo: a Conceptual No-Pollution Futuristic Ride

With global warming reaching its peak, environmental friendly transportation is one of the main solutions to save the world, and this Portland-based industrial designer has come up with the most bizarre and eye-catching invention, the Yarga YoYo: a no-pollution and a single seat transport vehicle.

James Yarger, this genius brings to us an extraordinary concept with this zero-emission one person concept vehicle, which strips personal transportation down to the essential–wheels and a chair–without subjecting its rider to the elements.  This vehicle is made up of mostly recycled and recyclable materials. To make the description simpler, I can say that this YoYo is basically a wheelchair on wheels, which is made of recycled PVC plastic bubble and in addition, is powered by electric motors charged by a hydrogen fuel cell power pack.

True, the design isn’t that amusing that everyone would like to have it in the garage as it’s more like inner city transportation. So what you can do is just hire them when you want to go somewhere. This artistic caliber vehicle has a frame that’s covered in a carbon and recycled aluminum fiber coating.

The question is how do you ride this transporter? Its simple enough- YoYo uses Google Earth to key in your destination and an onboard computer to get you there! So when the vehicle takes you to the selected destination on its own, you can do your work with your both free hands or just have a quick sleep.

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