i2i Stream: The Wireless Audio Transmitter To Keep All Your House Hold In Peace

There are many times when someone of your family member is studying for their exams or concentrating in paintings, content writing etc. and at these times they really need soundless atmosphere and any thin sound also is real irritating for them. In such circumstances you have to sacrifice your daily shows but now, go ahead and watch as many shows you want to or enjoy songs with full volume while they study their wits off. Here is “i2i Stream-the Wireless Audio Transmitter” which is the answer to all your worries.

Equipped with advanced technology of transmitter/receiver units in the pair, the first device acts as a pass through device and the second one is the audio signal receiver. It means that the first one can be plugged in to any one of your home appliance like TV, computer, MP3 player, cell phone or any other source with a 3.5mm audio jack.

Then attach the second one into your headphones or your stereo system. So what happens is that the first device will sent the audio signals from the source and the second device will receive those signals and you will get to hear them through your headphones or whatever output device without degrading the sound quality. You can even sit back on your bed and watch TV with a headphone on without letting others get disturbed.

With CD quality audio, it transmits up to 30’ over the 2.4GHz band with interference-free listening. Both the devices have a USB port for charging and can work up to seven hours after a seven hour charge. It also comes with two neck lanyards, two belt clips and a pair of USB charging cables. It’s size 2 ½’ L x 1 ½’ W x 1’ D proves that big things come in small packages. If you want it then it’s for

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