Pool Tables Unites Luxury with Entertainment

You might get to play pool or billiards in any clubs, bars or hotels, but what leaves an impression on the players is the comfort ability and the excitement experienced by players. This industrial designer has come with some technically wild concepts of such pool tables.

What would excite anyone the most is that these unique designs by Jason Farsai create such a super-luxurious look and comfort zone with its sleek unconventional looks that it would tempt any pool fan to own one and change their perceptions of pool table designs from the traditional ones. It’s the ultimate point where entertainment meets luxury, such as the Ford Mustang pool Table.

One such impressive and happening design can be seen in the Zaeta table, that’s highly equipped for automatic score keeping.

Another master design of the Involution billiard table is inspired from the Bugatti Veyron sports car along with a bird of paradise flower, which makes it seem as if the cues are taken from the sports car! It has a unique ball return system and floating bumpers made from high-quality material.

Not spell-bound yet? Then Split Table is definitely going to leave you amazed by yet another unique design which has pool cue sticks held at one end utilizing the negative space underneath the table for storage and an internal tracking system for the balls. The table with its soft edges parts curls inwards with uniformity in its designs.

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Via: Born Rich