The First Solar Active Speaker Of Landport To Cheer Your Soul With Its Solar Sound

At present how the power scarcities coming up in every energy sectors, so populace are looking for general power sourced gadgets which can be easily chargeable and what will be the better than Solar powered gadgets. As sunlight’s easily available without any costing except to have some tanned up or sunbathing! That’s the reason nowadays solar power stuffs are became so popular. There were so many such gadgets are available in the market but now the revolution comes in music industry with this Landport promoted First Solar Active Speakers for iPod and MP3 player in Japan.

You don’t need to purchase now cell or looking for rechargeable cell to run your music speakers. Just put your Solar speakers have a quite sun bath and start the endless music. It’s measured of 19.5 cm width x 11.2 cm depth  x 5 cm height with a weight of 290 grams is really hand held stuff. It has also 2 channel audio output with 2 watt frequency. The battery made of lithium-ion a real long lasting up to 8 hours of spontaneous music without any intervals in single charge. These black and white speakers can be connected with iPod and MP3 players too through the mini stereo input.

If any day you failed to get it charged with sunlight or you are in Greenland and in that six months period when sun lights are not available then just use its USB port to run this handy speaker. Its supposed to available in the market by end of this March 2010 with approximate price tag of $58.00 as one time investment to hear the solar sound.

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Via : Akihabaranews