Catch the i-Tab: the Coolest Gadget for Guitarists

While it is debatable and only hard core guitar players will be in a decent position to pick up one, one cannot rule out that the coolest gadget (if not the best one) for guitarists belongs to the i-Tab. Although is has an i as prefix, it does not belong to Apple.

The iTab is basically a gadget meant solely for music lovers who only can make the most of its functions tied along with its mobility. For one, the device can be attached to guitar and will display (with automatic scroll through) the chords of the tones being played on the guitar. Quite impressive, since one’s hands are not free while playing a guitar, the automatic scroll down feature which recognizes the chords being played, comes very handy. And you don’t need a third hand to hold the i-Tab with you since it fixes itself quite comfortably on the guitar itself.

Speaking of specs, it features a nice 5 inch touch screen with 4GB of storage space. The memory card space is large enough to store thousands of tabs downloaded on to it. Around 5000 tabs are available for download on the i-Tab Online Tab store and approx 500 tabs are being added week by week basis. So plenty of stuff up for grab with more coming heavily.

Plus, it comes packed with built-in speaker, headphone port, USB connectivity, a stylus and video out. Expect the device to get launched by April. Regarding price, it will make your wallet lighter by $199. Worthy enough given the functions and features. An awesome product for guitar fans by any means!

One can argue that tabs can be downloaded on PC from Internet and played thereby, but it is not that easy as it looks and i-tab clearly has an upper hand. We shall see. First of all, attach the device on the guitar and you are on the Go. Download you fav tabs and hit the button to play. While staying with the guitar, you can play music while auto scroll will adjust itself to the chords being played. So it was made that easy which clearly is not a case with Laptop/PC/Smart phones.

Watch the Youtube cover videos of the device from the i-Tab guys and do visit the official website for more info on the product. Again, the interface of the website resembles to that of Apple’s but no official connection. Might be the i-Tab team is Apple freak which explains thinking behind the name of the device as also the layout of the website. Oh! also innovation is equally admirable like that of Apple. In case you wanna pre order one, drop an email to [email protected].

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iTab Via SlipperyBrick