Lego Conference Room Table

To make a unique conference room statement, and to create a pleasant ambiance, you can ensure that you have a creative décor to grasp the attention of others, especially your clients. Going farther from custom adaptations of boring conference tables, have you ever wondered about a Lego block conference room table?

Sounds bizarre? Well, this is the point of view of what the designers at Abgc had in mind when they created this funky, but at the same time cool conference room table advertising agency Boys and Girls. Contradicting the point that the conference rooms have to be serious and sober, Abgc created this Lego block table that is made up of 22,742 lego pieces, put together with the traditional lego construction techniques. Lego now is not restricted to just kids, but is put to use by everyone at every possible aspect!

While this playful table sits on a polished Stainless Steel square hollow section structure built by B.A. Engineering of Prussia St, it is topped with a 10mm sheet of toughened glass along with a 136mm grommet located in its center.

Though this table is so simple, its yet so awesomely created, with an idea to boost the creativity in the agency. With the lego pieces covered with glass, this ultimate conference room table would enjoy lively meetings with “building” solutions approach and encouraging “productive” views.

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via: [Freshhome]