New Concept Strapless Watches for the Fashionably Lazy Geek

Ever felt too lazy to put on a watch just because it is really not that exciting to select the proper length on the strap and then buckle it on? Well I myself find it really boring or rather a bother to put on a watch on really hectic days when I get late and that sort of stuff starts happening. Thankfully Nicholas Womeldroff, a futuristic designer, has come up with a series of concept watches that might just save us a few precious seconds after all.

These watches are a bit different from their predecessors as they do not sport the classic old buckle-belt mechanism but instead feature something new, a wrist band that is so simple to use that even a two year old would find no problem in putting one on.

Most of these watches also sport a much cooler and futuristic looking dial than the presently existing ones, also keeping in mind the needs of various individuals, our friend has designed analog/digital, funky/exec, men/women categories, in fact there is something for everyone!

You can also browse through the huge collection of other cool watches that have been listed down by us, like the cool Button watch that is boon during winters, or the cool Dualtime Watch, which is perfect for the frequent flier.