A Yoyo That Doubles Up as a Mobile Phone and a Charger!

Well, designers often toy around with different ideas but gadget designer Emmanuel has actually turned popular toy Yoyo into a multi-utility gadget that doubles up as a mobile phone and a charger (apart from being a toy Yoyo). Yoyo is a most popular toy all over the world across all age groups. Everyone loves the idea of taking a walk while playing with the Yoyo and the idea of using this Yoyo motion and energy to charge up  mobile phone is simply amazing. What is makes it all more geeky and interesting is that the Yoyo itself is a mobile phone. So the cellphone simply charges itself when it yoyos!

Cell phones are best accomplices of all geeks and non-geeks all over the world. Never before a mobile phone has been designed on the lines of a toy – that too Yoyo. So here is an innovation of shape too – it does away with edges and has become circular and comes with a string which makes it easier to hold, play and charge at the same time. Yoyos are quite sturdy so one can really use the string for yo-yoing, stringing it up and down or moving it in circular motion while walking, talking and all this play will charge up your cell phone!

This interesting creative design will certainly make cell phone even more entertaining when it is switched off! If you are looking for innovative chargers or cell phones then take a look at Stylish Powermat for Wireless Charging and Futuristic Music Jewelry Mobile.

Via Yanko Design