On Air Wrist Watch with a LED Display

Every one wants to go for a change these days, a way to stand out in the crowd, be unique and cool, and one such innovative skill that was put into action by a Turkish designer has left all the eyes spinning with the most amazing On Air Wrist Watch. Already curious with the name? Read along as the designer goes ahead to justify his super-concept.

This bright cool design that’s all set to create a fashion statement stands out in its unique display with its hour hand which points to the position of the hour, while the LED displays the minutes digitally to bring both the worlds in a single device. This compact structure’s display also works as a light when the surroundings are too dark for your liking.

For setting the time you need to hold the center of the display for just 5 seconds, activating the set mode showed by the flashing of the red LED. The hour is adjusted by pressing the upper or lower part of the display and the minute by the right or left ends of the display. You just need to tap on the display for the LED to light up.

Though this On Air Wrist Watch is yet a concept, when this Turkish designer Iskender Asanaliev gets it manufactured, it’s going to hit the markets with a bang!

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