Pagemark Smartphone: a Sturdy Concept Designed for Students

Every week comes with new gadgets launches, with every buyer trying to get the best deal with the features provided by each gadget, but this mesmerizing idea and design of Pagemark Smartphone unleashed by an Industrial designer and a 3D modeler is bound to catch every eye.

With Pagemark Smartphone designed by Daniel Fitzgerald, in such accurate way, it provides the facility of navigating through large documents to a digital reader which is less fragile than eBook readers and laptops. If you are always on the run for work, isn’t this something you would want to opt for?

This geeky device is mainly targeted at the students and students’ parents. Apart from this, it also allows the user to stay in touch with its in-built phone feature, along with navigation through books and documents.

One of the most distinguishing features of Pagemark Smartphone is that there is no requirement for a touch screen; there is always a protective screen wall, and the optical sensors do all the navigational stuff. For an easy accessibility, Pagemark Smartphone doubles up as a PDA and it comes with 2 optical mouse sensors, making all your work so easy for your convenience.

Above all this, with selection of specific keys, this powerfully built device would become a student’s ideal document reader and also connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi and GPS.

This robustious gadget with 4.5” display may range from $350 and $450, and can be used by students as well as construction workers.

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